Von | fon — berg

Von— A simple preposition used that means of or from.
Berg — A Mountain

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Everyday Luxury Essentials


VONBERG makes High-end, everyday clothing that forms the foundation of the street modern luxury wardrobe. We believe in making clothes with care to details. We care about where we source our materials from, the people we work with, and the quality of everything we do!

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We hope to take our brand further by making fashion and materials accessible to consumers worldwide and introducing our high-end designs and technologies to the world of fashion.

Our Big Moments


Vonberg was born, our design team started to research and developed our first range of high-end T-shirts made entirely of premium double processed cotton and our awarded fit patterns like Bryant, Oliver, and Lennox.


Vonberg was born, We open a Tel-Aviv office and soft launch vonberg.shop. our basic line tasted real consumers in a range of pop-up stores and locations around Berlin and Tel-Aviv with great success.


We open our first retail location at Jaffa flea market district on main 2018 and continued to enlarge the vonberg line to  encompasses a full range of summer tel-avivian garments


Our Award-winning collection of High-end sweatshirts were born and took our brand to the next level.

Using technology to inspire and innovate, we aim to
make shopping seamless, whether online or in store


With over 4 years of heritage in high-end fashion, we deliver to over 30 countries and offer free advice through our amazing customer service, and dedicated fashion concierge team.

Choose how you want to experience us – online, or in our
Tel-Aviv store:

VONBERG JAFFA – 16 Rabbi Pincas, Tel-Aviv


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