There is an endless love in my heart, and for this unique love I call; The total obsession for snickers. Life has taught me (as they always do!) That there is no such thing as enough sneakers, seasons pass by in an instant, and while collections are continually changing it does not come to mind when it comes to my shoes. Although I consider myself a big fan of the basic clothes, when it comes to the shoes I'm wearing I know that they are the essential accessory to

enhance my simple daily look, they have the power to enrich each outfit and .make it from mediocre look to the hottest ill' ever wear

vonberg summer sneakers | streetwear fashion magazine

After I have clarified my position about shoes, I hope that you too will understand the desire that I have in me (perhaps since I can remember) to offer my wardrobe the most extensive selection possible for the everyday combinations of the street style, the best form of style in the fashion world .these days

Life is not always fair but, in life like in real life, you must stay update mainly when it comes to the obsession of sneakers. So, before you take off for the summer vacations, you've been waiting for, so long. Join me on a galactic journey in the depths of the sneakers, because you most have them this season



The hottest trend of the season and perhaps the most controversial, as you for the bigger your style will be much more correct. The first to the flag was the fashion house in Balenciaga, and then everyone followed it, just like swarms of ants coming out of their holes, and the inspiration for the big size comes from .the trainer's shoes from the 90's. I'm already captive, and now it's your turn

vonberg summer sneakers | streetwear fashion magazine



If someone used to tell me that I would yearn for something as ugly as my 80's parents' training shoes, I would laugh like I never laughed. But the one who laughs last laughs and the beauty that has informed as ideal for so many years has been pushed aside and made room for another beauty, a beauty that sweeps an entire

generation. Because perfection is boring and the more as sneakers are considered higher, and the uglier, the more they are considered beautiful and desirable. The Prada or Nike's shoes are down there, ?winking at me, and you as well

vonberg summer sneakers | streetwear fashion magazine



When you cannot go forward you may want to go back; The fashion world is raging after the retro phenomenon, which once was a big comeback. Brand's icon shoes like Converse, Vance, and Adidas, if they have not made evolutionary collaborations with big fashion houses, they return as pure as .they used to be, and it's beautiful, fun and super cool. Be cool with me

vonberg summer sneakers | streetwear fashion magazine


The designers have already decided to take us out but still leave us alive and kicking in the streets in the style of mountain shoes. Which we almost bought once when we thought to go on an extreme trip in the mountains of Nappel or the Himalayas or somewhere there, yes on them I'm writing. So, from now on, you will think higher, more extreme, uglier and older because it is entirely .the new beauty of the upcoming summer season

vonberg summer sneakers | streetwear fashion magazine