Can you feel the LOVE tonight?

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Can you feel the LOVE tonight? As the chills of love vibrations start to take over our lives, we know there is only one good reason, and we call it; The Valentin’s day. 

The most loving, sweetest and most cliché holiday is just around the corner, and that means pulling out all the stops for those at the top of your most-loved list. And when that moment comes, it’s not pleasant to say, but my blood pressure is skyrocketing, my heart goes down to my underwear, and my face swells up and looks like a big heart-shaped balloon that happens to be exploding. Choosing gifts can be a difficult task for most of us, and in my case, it can become a nightmare. 

A moment of disillusionment after a hard fall in purchasing the perfect gift led me to join forces with myself and form the motto that from then until today helps me through Valentine’s Day easily. 

Now, finely I can do it with pleasure and honestly, without too much thought. 

I came to this insight after asking myself the following question: When do I most love myself? And the answer was as natural as it was in one bright second – when I feel comfortable. I know that fashion can be awkward and difficult many times, every day I absorb the jeans or the unpleasant fabric because I am used to it. But when I feel comfortable like really comfortable, then nothing weighs on me, not on the energy of my thoughts, everything is so light, flowing, natural from the ground up. 

I’m in my basic, at home, in the comfort zone. And when I realized that I knew, that’s how I want to make my loved ones feel; this is my way of showing them how much I love them and how much I appreciate them for being in my life. Wow! This Valentine’s Day will crown me as the Queen of “Chizz” ( hahaha not funny ) 

So as the queen of clichés, I offer a tip for the perfect Valentine’s day: Stay home, wear your basic t-shirt and underwear, eat red heart chocolates and strawberries with whip cream, drink sparkling wine and cuddle under the blanket with a partner or without. Remember; the main thing is to feel the most comfortable there is. 




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