Kanye is taking over the world!

kanye west takes over the world vonberg streetwear blog

We all know Kanye West, the man and the legend, the singer, the due of the Kardashian and the creator of one of the best street fashion brands in the world today, YEEZY!

At the beginning of May, Kanye West announced on his Twitter account that he had decided to conquer the world of architecture as well. This announcement is not surprising given the entrepreneurial nature of the pop culture hero, and it was only a matter of time before something new was born into the Kanye atmosphere.

The new brand will be called YEEZY HOME and is going to be the next hot thing in the home design world.

I can no longer wait to see what the genius of the West House is going to create because everything he touches it is abundant in style and charm. Along with his announcement for his plans for the YEEZY brand to establish an architectural arm, he tweeted that he is looking for new creative minds from the world of industrial and architecture to be a part of his new team (So if you are one of those you might want to try!). I would not mind being part of this new team, but unfortunately, I am not a graduate of industrial design or architecture. So, all I have to do is wait patiently until the brand is launched and believe that expects a bright and innovative future for the world of home design.

Meanwhile, while I was daydreaming about the dream house of Kanye, I courted for you my Top 5 songs of the man and legend. Because if we need to wait at least let’s do it with the rhythm in your ears, enjoy!

  1. Homecoming ft. Coldplay
  2. Good life ft. T-pain
  3. Flashing lights
  4. Otis ft. Jay- z
  5.  Amazing


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