Top streetwear trends for SS19

the best trends for summer 19 vonberg streetwear


March temperatures upwards and finally can say we’re on our way to sunny summer days, full of humility but thankfully without any layer. From a beach to the other or strolling through the cool summer markets, you need to be sure about a thing or two. So, my advice is; stop for a moment to freshen up.  Not just by drinking ice-cold alcoholic lemonade, but by catching up with some NEW hot trends. The trend I’m talking about is going to do the upcoming season, and if not do not call me in my name, and as one who worships her name, you will be sure that a great guarantee is here at the top. Anyway, we should hurry.


We all know the father figure, the one who held us on his hands in childhood somewhere in the late 1980s. It’s the working dad or the one who took us on trips around the globe. This Dad I’m talking about is Sexy and masculine and his style expressed by him as simple as it gets. The garments for him are over shoulders blazers just on top basic t-shirts, jeans, and a belt. In other events he will pull it off with his favorite sports brand sweatshirt and a Cap we all – DAD CAP.  Most of us loved to play with Daddy in the yard, but nobody dreamed of wearing what he wore. Well, the game has changed, and it’s time for you to dig in some childhood albums to get some inspiration. Much luck!


Along with the summer comes the pastel colors and there is nowhere to dodge. The pink color that is considered the ultimate feminine color is the new blue of the new men, and when I say new I mean those who understand the matter. Those who know that color has no gender and that what is beautiful in the eye will be charming to everyone. The pink color will not pass us in this coming season because it is going to be the warmest color from which you should not run away this time. From a wide variety of street style basic t-Shirts to men’s buttoned shirts, it seems like your friends are going to take over your closet.


As designers increasingly rely on color blocks, striped prints do not remain deprived. They will come mostly in perfect double suits and will work great with cool basic shirts and clunky white sneakers. If there is an outfit that is worth sticking in your wardrobe this season, it should be under the headline of striped suits.


If you are an avid retro lover, you might be able to figure out the expected return of tropical Hawaiian shirts. They are so 90′ passionate and there is no dought about the use of them on hot summer days, where the only thing you want to put on yourself will be ventilated shirts that leave room for just one thing; The summer vacation fantasy, let’s talk about it for a moment? Shell, we surf?


The shorts are here! And not the wide ones who are supposed to be for a basketball player but those who were worn by the most fabulous runners in the world. Imagine yourself getting ready for the Olympics, and you know that this is the right thing for you right now and not because you have a 100-meter workout but because designers like Gosha Robichinskiy and Dior signaled you that if not then maybe not at all. So, think big but go short, as short as possible.


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